Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Chanele's Birthday Cake

I'll just share photos this time, since I used about the same process as the farm cake. I combined a few inspiration pics I saw for this bright, fun cake idea. I used biscuit cutters, a canoli form, and the end of a frosting tip to cut the circles in fondant and hand drew the swirls with black dyed frosting.

The inside of the cake was supposed to be pink and white checkerboard, but I've learned now not to use this recipe for any kind of double color pattern. The batter is just too thin, and it runs everywhere until it mixes almost completely. I'll try that pan set again sometime with the recipe on the box and see if it holds up. Also, I am not sure if it was the pans, baking time, or I messed up the recipe, but the texture did not come out so well this time. I may be searching for a new white cake recipe.

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